Grazing the cliff-tops of the Jurassic coastal town of Lyme Regis, the Lyme Alpacas enjoy the best sunrises imaginable. Alpacas are fascinating creatures but much more than just a pretty face. If you would like to embrace alpacas, making them part of your family life, you have arrived at the right space!

We breed and share our lives with alpacas because they are beautiful, gentle, animals. Their husbandry regime is simple and every year each alpaca produces kilos of fabulous, sought after fleece. What's not to like?

Beautiful alpacas bred with care

We have been caring for alpacas for over 10 years, enjoying the company of these gentle, intelligent creatures. Our annual reward is a harvest of luxury fleece which we use not only to make knitting yarns but also sculptures, vintage style teddy bears and soft characters. See them at www.tedandsue.co

If you are interested in adding alpacas to your family, for yarn, breeding, keeping the grass down or just for fun then wander through this site and get to know alpacas a little more.


If you want to find out more then feel free to contact me. I have advised many alpaca novices by listening and then helping with alpaca choices. The chosen alpacas are guided into a small paddock where you can admire your new herd, add or subtract other herd members, until you are completely happy.


We will advise on paddock/fencing design to help you create an environment where maintenance is easy. When we are sure that your paddocks are correctly appointed for your new arrivals your herd will be delivered. Of course full husbandry guidance is supplied along with field sheets to help you with the stuff you inevitably forget in the excitement of the day!



Links to online shops below

Unfortunately, the farm is not open to the public but all products can be purchased from our online shop.

Sculptures and simply beautiful vintage style bears can be purchased from my shop www.Tedandsue.co

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