I use pure alpaca fleece to create works of art. Pieces of sculpture created with only barbed needles and pure alpaca fleece.

I have created many alpaca heads, huacaya and suri. Fun heads for children's playrooms - see Captain Jack 'paca Sparrow Pirates of the Caribbean - click here to see lots of sculptures created from pure alpaca fibre.

I have created commemorative sculptures of treasured pets, often including their own hair as part of a lasting memory.

Many of my pieces feature endangered animals, as I feel passionately that we have a huge responsibility for keeping environments safe.

A small selection of my work is shown here, but a complete gallery and shop can be found at

See how the sculptures made?

Clients and farm visitors frequently ask how long each piece takes and the soft fleece is so compacted. the sculptures are hard and completely solid. To answer their questions I took time-lapse photos and edited a short movie, lasting 1 minute 48seconds. This shows the creation of a human bot fly (parasite) from pure alpaca fleece, which took 15 hours over 3 days to complete. Take a look!

To see more sculptures, and the vintage style collectible bears and soft characters, go to my workshop website at