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Alpaca fleece needle sculpture

I use pure alpaca fleece to create sculptures inspired by nature, often inspired through my parasitology research - my interpretation of what I observe through the microscope.

I elect to use mainly white (ivory) alpaca fibre in suri and huacaya as I want my sculptures to resemble a hard, clean surface rather than looking 'woolly'. This means that my pieces are worked for many hours to create a sleek and cool vision - all from alpaca. The framed pieces are mounted in professionally made, bespoke frames, designed especially for showcasing the sculptures.


Bears, bunnies and imagination.

My vintage style bears, bunnies and foxes may be found at my TedandSue website

Find them at my 'BEAR' website at

Please note that all of my creations are for the adult collector - not for children.

Pongo - Orang utan


Pongo - Orang utan


Pongo abelii is the critically endangered Sumatran Orangutan - there are only around 7,000 individuals left in the wild. They are struggling to survive on two fronts. Their habitat is being slashed and burned by man, to make way for palm oil plantations. The cycle from birth to fertility is very long at an average of 15.4 years, the longest interbirth rate of all the great apes. Having given birth, the female typically waits a further 9 years before becoming pregnant with her second offspring. When given the chance this very rare orangutan lives for around 50 years.


Sculpted entirely from natural white huacaya and suri alpaca fleece. No glue, no wires - just many weeks of adding fibre by fibre to build this beautiful, haunting face.

Sculpture name: Pongo

Frame: Matt white wooden

Dimensions w x ht: external 31cm x 37cm, internal 17cm x 24cm

Please note that this sculpture, like all of my creations, is for the adult collector - is not a toy, so is not suitable for children.

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