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Winter vitamins time

It's that time again. For those breeders who don't drip feed vitamins to their alpacas throughout the year, it is time to bring out the winter supplements. 

You can get the required vitamins into your herd by sub-cutaneous injection or orally using a gel. Whichever method you decide upon, keep the regime going until around April next year. Vitamins are important for young alpacas (cria and yearlings) as their bones are still forming and without the required vits, they are prone to rickets, a skeletal disorder which is both painful and damaging.

Alpacas with dark or black fleeces are particularly vulnerable to vitamin deficiency as their colour precludes the necessary absorption of UV rays throughout the summer. It is exposure to sunlight and UV rays which promotes the production of vitamin D via the skin - and lets be honest, we haven't had a great deal of sunshine this year!

Pregnant alpacas need support too as they are under additional stress throughout the winter. They have to keep warm, grow fleece and maintain themselves and, at the same time, grow a healthy cria for next years birthing season.

It's not just being kind, it's a welfare issue, regular winter vitamins go a long way in the name of good husbandry.

Which vitamins do alpacas need?

Injectable vitamins are usually supplied as vitamins A, D and E

I have used this type but now opt for the easy to use pink gel, which is squirted gently into the alpacas mouth and then swallowed. Many of my girls actually lick it from the drench gun so it can't be too bad! I give 10ml per adult every 4 weeks from now until April. I purchase the gel from a very reliable company called eggsport

The gel is formulated for alpacas and contains vitamins A, C D, E, B12 and K.


Healthy 'pacas are happy 'pacas


September special - Smokey Jo - only £3.50/50g

To kick off the Autumn season in style we are offering pure alpaca in mid grey for only £3.50 per 50g ball. (Usual price is £8.00!)

Only 50 balls are available so it's first come first served.

The yarn is pure alpaca, produced from alpacas born, reared and sheared in Lyme Regis, as members of the Lyme Alpacas herd. The soft, mid grey tone is achieved by blending white with black alpaca fleece - the alpacas are shown below. The finished yarn is double knit in weight, so any DK pattern may be used. As always with luxury alpaca, the yarn is soft, light, warm and a delight to knit.

To order - visit the shop.

Crafting with pure alpaca

More huacaya and suri fibre has been posted out today for spinners, dolls hair creatives, wig makers and crafters. If you would like to try working with suri in white or fawn, or huacaya in most natural colours. visit the online shop to order

Fabulous quality and lots of very satisfied customers - join in!

Alpaca fleece for sale

The finest alpaca fibre from both our huacaya and suri alpacas has now been sorted from the 2015 shearing.

Huacaya in most natural colours is available in 100g lots at a price of £3.50 per bag, direct from the Lyme Alpacas online shop

This fleece is fabulous for hand spinning to knit or crochet or for other crafting projects.

Visit the shop also for pure suri fibre in the lightest fawn or pure white. This fibre is available for dolls hair or wig making, is fine and bright with an average length of 10plus inches. Available in half kilo or 1kg packs.