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Alpaca along with llama, guanaco and vicuna, are members of a group called South American Camelids. They have been domesticated for thousands of years and are reared in Peru, Chile and Bolivia primarily for fibre and meat.

Far from being new to the UK, alpaca have lived here since the middle of the 19th century. At first alpaca were imported for their novelty value. A detailed register of alpaca was prepared in 1841 when it was noted that 85 were present in the UK.

At the same time Sir Titus Salt, with an eye for the commercial benefits of the fine fibre, integrated alpaca fleece into his textile production, the alpaca becoming his trademark and leading to his vast fortune.

There are now more than 35,000 alpaca in the UK, a popularity which is clearly understood by anyone who has met one of these adorable creatures. They are easy to keep, have few feeding requirements beyond fresh water and plentiful grass, are trainable on the halter for walking or trekking and create a low humming sound which is wonderful. All this and then, every summer, they give you a fleece which can be converted into beautiful knitwear - likened to cashmere.

It doesn't get much better than that down on the farm.


Find Lyme Alpacas

Please contact Sue to book a time and date if you want to arrange to visit the alpaca.

For directions to the Lyme Alpacas farm, enter your location in the box below.


{mosmap text='Get Directions to the farm'|address='Ware Barn, Ware Lane, LYME REGIS, England, DT7 3RH'|dir='2'}

Please note these directions are to the centre of our postcode which, in common with many country areas, does not define the exact position of the farm.

Ware Lane forms a loop off the A3052. You will find it easiest to enter Ware Lane from the A3052 at the western end at Ware Cross. Lyme Alpacas is the first turning on the right, approximately 100 yards down Ware Lane.

Whichever end of Ware Lane you approach from, you'll know you have arrived when you see the alpaca signs at the entrance to the farm drive.



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Great offers on alpaca

Through the continued success of our breeding program we are able to offer some great deals on alpaca packages. Whatever your aspirations and budgets, if you are interested in alpacas, then we can help you.

Whether you are looking for fluffy huacaya alpacas or silky dreadlock suris, boys to graze your pasture or pregnant females to begin a breeding herd, you are looking in the right place.
Independently awarded a Gold certificate for biosecurity, our alpaca receive the highest level of care and husbandry. 

Every alpaca is named and known to us, as we hand feed them every day.

Training courses are available to fill in all the gaps in your knowledge as you embark upon a relationship with these gentle animals.

What next…

    Take a look at our sales list and make some basic choices.
    Do you like huacaya or the suri type best - or perhaps some of each?
    Do you prefer whites, blacks, browns or would you like a mixed colour herd?
    Think about the ground you have, is it fence but with no barbed wire? Do you have trees and hedges for natural shelter or a covered area or shed/barn for cover?

We will happily assess your pasture and grazing area and advise on stocking and other basic field requirements.

Call to make an appointment to see the alpacas ‘in the field’ and we will introduce you, then put your chosen group together so you can see how they look together. We have found that this process really helps to galvanise your choices and make refinements to your new herd.

Call us. We have years of experience in selection and breeding and are delighted to share our passion for alpaca with you.

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